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Natia Gogolashvili

Region: Kvemo qartli

City: Tbilisi

Age: 46

"My name is Natia. I was born in the summer of 1971. At the age of 18 months I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.


I remember when I was not allowed to go to kindergarten. I stayed home while all my friends went to school. Then, again, in 1979 I was refused admittance to the classroom. The teacher offered a home teaching program, but I protested and finally was allowed to attend school, graduating from Tbilisi Public School #126. In 1989 I passed the exams and continued my studies at Tbilisi State University in the faculty of philology.


I have worked for the Disabled Women's International Association, as well as Geocell. Currently I work for the Public Defender's office as an expert in the field of disabilities."