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Who we are

Nika Zibzibadze

Nika has served with MAC as a program officer since March 2016 and is currently pursuing his degree at the Caucasus School of Business.  Before joining MAC he worked for the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (YATA) as a Projects Development Manager.  A graduate of Dzevri Public School, Nika remains actively involved in regional programs supported by MAC.  Nika possesses various field-related international experience:  In 2013, he attended the conference on Human Rights at the UN in New York.  He is also an alumnus of Savannah State University’s exchange program, where he studied during the fall of 2015.  Nika is a beneficiary of the McLain Association for Children’s scholarship program.  Contact information:   nikacsb@gmail.com.

Natela Grigalashvili

Natela's photography has appeared in numerous journals and publications.  These days she works primarily as a freelance photographer specializing in the rural regions of Georgia where she focuses on the social context of the Georgian village, religious and ethnic minorities and women's rights. She also teaches photography at the university level and participates in personal and group exhibitions.  In 2015 Natela founded KONTAKTPHOTOS, a collaboration of photographers working in the realm of social issues. 

Karen Gaskill

Karen Gaskill graduated from Taylor University in Indiana, USA as an English Education major.  She taught English as a Peace Corps Volunteer in China from 1996-1998 and later high school literature and composition in Anchorage, Alaska.  From 2004-2006 Karen was teaching English as a Peace Corps Volunteer at the #5 school in Zestaponi and thus saw MAC in its wee beginnings. Now Karen spends most of her time teaching and raising her three little girls, cleaning the juicer and studying Georgian, but as of fall, 2016 she has been pleased to continue her legacy as a career volunteer by joining team Shuki Movida team as English Editor.